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We offer a broad range of analytics services to meet your business needs. To help you identify the best engagement level, our services are separated into three categories.

Data Analytics

You know your business goals and you understand what data you need to measure success. Gathering and reporting the data takes time and lots of human effort. Business Lens assembles all the information you need, on the fly, error free.

Data Science

Often, you know the business goal you want to achieve, but the data is not well understood. Similarly, you may understand your available data, but you aren’t sure how you can use it to move the needle for your business. In either case, you can use data science to develop valuable solutions.

Say you want to improve net profit by 1%, but it isn’t clear which policies and procedures need to be changed to achieve this. Business Lens gathers all available data, both structured and unstructured, from within the businesses and possibly from public domain industry databases. Through the work of highly specialized data scientists, we uncover pertinent patterns and trends. Based on the results, we reveal a series of data supported strategies and suggested policy and procedure changes. When those policy and procedure changes are implemented, you can measure the affected Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in real time.

Cognitive Science

When operational automation is sought to achieve a stated gaol, we can use cognitive science. This service would be useful if you wanted to automate a certain business process (a help desk for instance). Business Lens would analyze incoming problems, research the best solutions, and take the necessary actions to remedy the problems.

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